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Some interesting photos I found while browsing

By Linda Zabriskie

#1: October 18, 1955 –Elvis hugging fan Jan Edwards, backstage, Richmond, Virginia, during the Hank Show tour.

#2: Maid of Cotton Patricia Cowden (left) and Memphis Cotton Carnival Queen Clare Mallory gave Elvis royal kisses just before he walked on stage before a packed Ellis Auditorium audience on May 15, 1956.

#3: Nov 1956, Elvis showed up at Las Vegas’ New Frontier casino and was photographed with the casino’s performers, Dorothy Dorben’s Venus Starlets.

#4: Elvis, Jimmy Velvet and Ken Moore backstage in Philadelphia – April 5, 1957, photo courtesy Ana Fernández Sangil Philadelphia Arena.

#5: Elvis with the mother of Nick Adams on August 9, 1957, at Graceland.

Information provided by Linda Zabriskie.

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