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“A new project by the Australian director”

Everything indicates that Australian film director Baz Luhrmann has decided to fulfill the promise made to the fans of the king of rock’n’roll during the promotion of the film “ELVIS” and make a film with previously unpublished materials from two of Presley’s documentaries – “That’s The Way It Is ” and “On Tour” (please note that a large part of them has already been released on various bootleg releases).

Baz Luhrmann - Elvis

“These will be headlines that I know many of you would like to see ,” the director wrote on his social media yesterday. ” Yes, it’s true. We found tapes of never-before-seen footage from ‘On Tour’ and ‘That’s The Way It Is’. Be cautious! “

The above information was accompanied by a video – an announcement of a future project, in which, in addition to a large box with the name of the Warner Bros. label, described as “Elvis Outtakes Box” and a spinning reel of film, we can also see a short fragment of the film “That’s The Way It Is” (a specifically Elvis heading to the International Hotel stage).

Yesterday’s announcement by Baz Luhrmann was met with an extremely enthusiastic reception by Presley fans around the world. Hundreds of positive comments and thanks appeared under the director’s entry. Just like in social media and groups of Elvis fans. “ This news made my day ,” wrote one fan. ” This is perfect news for the beginning of the week ,” added someone else.

Baz Luhrmann has already shown that he can treat Elvis and his legacy with the respect he deserves. So there is no reason to doubt his new project now.

Especially since Presley had already ensured Luhrmann’s success (and quite a lot at that). Why should it be any different this time?

It seems unlikely that a director of this caliber did not research the market before publishing the official trailer and was not aware of how much the materials from these two films, and especially from “On Tour”, are currently in demand.

At this stage, the only thing you can wonder aloud is what shape this project will take? Will we receive a full-length concert film (which may soon be released in cinemas) or will Luhrmann follow in Peter Jackson’s footsteps and create a multi-episode documentary like the brilliant “Get Back” documenting the last Beatles recording sessions (which for many would be a dream come true)?

I think we will know the answers to these questions soon

(Info: Day By Day/Baz Luhrmann Official/Mariusz Ogieg?o of EP Promised Land

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