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All signed contracts had to be cancelled, but what would he have done if Uncle Sam hadn’t called him so suddenly?

‘Variety’ answered it in its 1957 Christmas issue: “Recruitment will cost you 450G.”

“…Elvis Presley will lose a minimum of $450,000 in commitments for 1958 as a result of his recruitment,” the Variety article began.

He noted that Elvis’s summons would force him to cancel his contract with 20th Century Fox to make a film in 1958.

Presley was going to receive USD 200,000 for that film, which would have been a bargain, since the contract had been signed in 1956, before Elvis’s cache per film was shot.

Elvis Presley fulfilled that obligation with Fox filming “Flaming Star” in 1960.

He was also hired to make another film for M-G-M, his third film for 1958.

According to Variety, M-G-M planned to cast Elvis in “…a biopic of the late Hank Williams, for which he was to receive $250,000 plus 50% of the profits.

” Elvis would not make another film for MGM until 1962, when he appeared in ‘It Happened At the World’s Fair.’

In addition to the 2 film projects, Elvis’ military service also canceled his personal appearances scheduled for 1958, and it would be interesting to know which cities lost their concerts due to the military.

Between canceled movies, lost concert ticket sales, and reduced record sales, Elvis’ call conservatively cost Presley over $1,000,000!

Source: Variety

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