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Elvis Presley 1968 comeback Special


It will premiere in London!

Already in 2014 the company Pulse Evolution acquired the rights to create a holographic version of Elvis from EPE. . This never happened.

However, after the great financial success of “ABBA Voyage”, it was announced that “Hologram A.I. Elvis” will rock London audiences starting in November 2024 at the stage show.

The show is produced by British company Layered Reality, whose credits include “War of the Worlds: The Jeff Wayne Immersive Experience.”

“Elvis Evolution” is described as “A major new show celebrating the world’s biggest star, Elvis Presley, with a jaw-dropping final concert and a personal invitation to the after-party.

The show culminates in a concert experience that will recreate the seismic impact of seeing Elvis live for a whole new generation of fans, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

A life-size digital Elvis will share his most iconic songs and moves for the first time on a UK stage.

Elvis fans expect an unforgettable experience like no other. Through AI and innovative technology, we will be able to witness iconic Elvis performances as if we were really there.

The London venue is yet to be confirmed.

Elvis Evolution” will also travel to Las Vegas, Berlin and Tokyo, the company has reached an agreement with EPE owner, Authentic Brands Group, to create the show experience.

Andrew McGuinness, CEO of Layered Reality, stated: “’Elvis Evolution’ is a next-generation tribute to the musical legend that is Elvis Presley. Elvis maintains his global superstar status and people around the world no longer want to sit back and be passively entertained – they want to be a part of it.

It will be a memory-making experience and a bucket list item for Elvis fans and admirers around the world; “People can enter Elvis’ world, put on his shoes and celebrate his extraordinary musical legacy.”

After the great success of Baz Luhrmann‘s award-winning ELVIS, the man himself (AI) should thrill the public with a new concert.

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