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By Rosa García Mora

Bob Dylan already said “Elvis was the turbulent lone agitator who conquered the world“.

It is very difficult to explain what it feels like to listen to Elvis singing. His songs make us taste rock, country, soul, gospel, rhythm and blues, and all the styles that soaked him and that merge in symbiosis in his throat, and it is as if the infinity of the Universe was coming out of it.

It was also Dylan who said that “Elvis elevated the songs to another orbit“, and that he had the gift of speaking directly to you, skipping all the filters of the conventional.

Music is the heartbeat of our lives and gives them meaning, each song occupies a place in our life story. Elvis’ soul lifts us to heaven even though his feet are made of clay.

The supernatural force of his singing grabs us and never lets us escape.
And one day, in the early morning of January 23, 1969, an immortal moment arrived in Elvis’ life and music, and in ours. Finally, the most awaited moment of the night in those icy American Sound, where the rats roamed freely.
When Chips Moman showed the song to Elvis, he knew he had found a number one, he knew it was the song he had been looking for.
Chips and Elvis created the magic, from what Mark James had composed to create legend: “I was working day and night writing for the American Sound and one night the idea came to me to write Suspicious Minds, first the title, then the lyrics…. What I was trying to say is that we can’t realize our dreams if we don’t trust each other. Suspicious Minds was pure soul and I was a songwriter trying to write a great song, a hit and it worked.”
Although Mark James himself recorded his song, also produced by Chips Moman, he didn’t get any hits with it.
Instead in the American Sound, that early morning began the creation of something extraordinary. The Memphis Boys are ready, in sublime inspiration… and the unforgettable guitar riff of Reggie Young, the chaston of Gene Chrisman‘s drums… the organ of Bobby Emmons, the bass of Mike Leeh… and the almighty voice of Elvis .
Elvis incorporated Suspicious Minds into his live performances, right from the moment he returned to the stage in Las Vegas in 1969. And he left us with memorable performances.
Let’s just listen to it one more time, let’s walk through the labyrinth of his poetry, for nothing can inspire us more truth, certainty and authenticity than when we lock ourselves in his music and his voice, and throw away the key.
Article written and provided by Rosa García Mora https://www.facebook.com/rosa.garciamora.12

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