ELVIS ON TOUR – on the way to the Golden Globe – (Part 10)

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From Hampton Roads, Elvis and his team flew to Richmond, the capital of Virginia, where eleven and a half thousand fans were waiting for the singer’s performance.

The concert at the Richmond Coliseum there was to be the next concert Abel intended to film for the new film.

However, before his filmmakers finally entered the arena, which had only opened a year earlier, the producer had to obtain Colonel Parker’s approval to continue their work (still not sure that their idea of ??showing Presley would be approved by his manager)!

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So when Elvis was on his way to the next city, Abel hurried back to Hollywood, clutching the still-hot, soundless tape of his Hampton Roads performance in his hand that he intended to present to Parker in a private screening.

It was only after seeing it that impresario Presley gave the project a “green light” and the production of the film could start in full swing.

Hours later, with the Colonel’s “blessing”, Abel joined the rest of the team.

The Elvis show traditionally started around half past nine in the evening (ie the vocal groups presented themselves to the audience then. Presley himself entered the stage several dozen minutes later) and caused a wave of admiration among both fans and local critics. ” This man is still rocking ,” noted AB Thames in The Richmond Times – Dispatch the day after the concert. ” His hour-long set was sprinkled with things that have become classics now: See See Rider, Lawdy Miss Clawdy, I Can’t Stop Loving You, Funny How Time Slips Away, I Can’t Help Falling In Love ‘. And his own 1950s hits: Don’t Be Cruel, Heartbreak Hotel, Love Me Tender, and Big Mama Thorton, Hound Dog .

At the same time, the author also drew attention to the major changes that have taken place in Elvis’ concerts in the last eighteen years, i.e. since the singer last performed in the city.

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“ A talented man emerges from under the showman. (Elvis, author’s note) is the epitome of what is rock’n’roll and no Colonel bastard can hide it. Not in Memphis. Not in Vegas. Not here in Richmond, ”he quipped in the last paragraphs of his review.

The representatives of the press did not miss the cameras around the scene. “ We were informed that part of the show would be shot for a fall-out movie, ‘Elvis. Standing Room Only , ”Richmond News Leader reported.

After a successful performance in Richmond, Presley continued his tour, visiting cities such as Roanoke, Indianapolis and Charlotte. In each of these places, fans greeted him in a truly royal style.

At the same time, Robert Abel again traveled to Los Angeles, where he spent several days reviewing the footage and developing the script for his film (some sources say that during these days the producer met with Colonel Parker again).

Information provided by Mariusz Ogieg?o of Elvis Promised Land (Poland)


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