Original name: White Cossack Top Jumpsuit

 Other Names: White Pearl, Neck Cords Jumpsuit

 Description: Plain white jumpsuit with “neck cords”.

 Belt: Belt original

 Elvis returned to his performances in Las Vegas, at the International Hotel, from January 26 to February 23, 1970, after his resounding success in the First Season on his return to the stage, having broken all records of audience. Circumstance that was repeated in this Second Season.

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 One of the jumpsuits he wore this season was the White Cossack Top Jumpsuit, designed like all of his jumpsuits, by Bill Belew.

 It was used during the January/February 1970 Las Vegas opening show and also during the 1970 Houston Astrodome concerts (February/March).

The decorative touch that adorned this one-piece suit, was the collar, which was decorated with white and gold hand-woven macramé cords. The necklace was tied around the neck and had four knots. The bottom knot hangs on either side of the chest opening, which meant Elvis had to spend a lot of time getting it off. 

 On each side of the sleeves, there are three white cuff buttons.

 The belt that Elvis used for this costume was also woven in macrame, in white and gold.

Information provided by ELVIS. El Chico de Tupelo



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