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Elvis Presley is a prominent figure in the annals of Rock’n’Roll, so it might seem like blasphemy to make dance remixes of his songs. 

However, two dance remixes of Presley’s songs built into major hits in the UK

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Presley’s remixes (“A Little Less Conversation“, “Rubberneckin‘, etc.) were released around the same time that Paul McCartney released a new version of “Let It Be” called “Let It Be… Naked” and a reissue of the 30th Anniversary of the album “Yellow Submarine“. 

Here’s a look at how he reacted Paul McCartney, to these danceable remixes.

 In an interview posted on his website, Paul Du Noyer asked McCartney if he felt the future held an endless variety of remixes. 

“…I start by insisting and saying ‘…oh, you should never do that with Elvis, The Beatles or The Stones.’ They are pure and they should stay that way,’” McCartney said. 

“…but there’s a discussion about young people. Sometimes that’s how they’ll listen to an artist. They listen to him in a club and say ‘…who is that? Elvis? Who is he?’.

 It seems incredible but there are young people who don’t know who Elvis is and who The Beatles are.

 They also don’t know who JFK is, they think it’s a chicken restaurant, so it’s just a good thing to introduce him to young people.” 

McCartney believes that the remixes help introduce younger generations to Presley, and the people in charge of Presley’s image also agree. 



Paul McCartney has recalled his meeting with Elvis Presley in the sixties, and has said of the “King of Rock’n’Roll” that he was one of the greatest people he has had the fortune to meet.

 The former Beatle had previously stated that Presley was one of the main inspirations for the band’s classic album “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band“, instigated and mainly composed by Paul. 

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Speaking on Adam Buxton’s podcast, McCartney was asked who he thought was the coolest person he’d ever met, and initially confronts: “My wife, I hope you hear this. She’s great!”. 

He later added, “…I met Elvis Presley, who was great. This was before Vegas and the diamond suits; it was when I was in Beverly Hills, so it was really great!”

He says if he had to pick the coolest person he’s ever met it would be his wife Nancy, with Elvis a close second.

Very diplomatic.


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