Elvis Presley tops the list of the highest-paid deceased artists

Forbes magazine has published the latest ranking.

As every year, Forbes magazine published a list of the highest-paid deceased artists and celebrities. Interestingly, there were some surprising changes in the top of this year’s ranking.
Michael Jackson, who has consistently ranked first in the ranking since 2009, only came sixth this year (with a score of $ 75 million). The place on the podium was taken by the writer who died in 1973, author of, among others, the famous trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” – JR Tolek (he earned five hundred million dollars).

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Further positions were taken by: Kobe Bryant – an American basketball player (400 million) and David Bowie (250 million).
It seems the only thing that is certain about Forbes’ list is that it will always include Elvis Presley. And the fact that it will always occupy a very high place in it.
It was no different this year. After dropping to seventh place last year (with $ 30 million), the king of rock’n’roll returned to the top of the rankings in 2022 to reach a high fourth place ($ 110 million).

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And while many may assume that the latest Baz Luhrmann‘s film could be behind such a good result, it is worth mentioning that the rights to it brought “only” five million dollars. The remaining part was guaranteed by the sale of tickets to Graceland – Elvis’ mansion and the sale of souvenirs of the legendary singer.
(Info: Elvis Information Network / Forbes / Mariusz Ogiegło of EP Promised Land (Poland)
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