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In the world of music, as in all the arts, there are great people, artists who are born with a gift and who are able to mark us with their music, with their compositions, with their interpretations.

All areas of art, songs, books, paintings… fill our little lives and give them a different meaning. They give us new ways of understanding our lives and our experiences, and are associated with our experiences so that we can never separate them from ourselves. The artist’s pain, his joy, his feelings, his deepest fears… are projected on them and are transferred to us.

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Elvis was a great master at that.

Fame and fortune, how empty they could be for him and, on the contrary, how much his life was filled by the immense love and understanding he received and continues to receive from his public and his fans. His music and his audience were his life. 

Larry Geller, Elvis’ hairdresser and spiritual advisor, was asked by people what Elvis was like and he always replied, “Don’t listen to anybody, not even me, listen to his music, just listen to his voice. If you want to know who Elvis was he will answer you.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuassaTJTvc]

Elvis opens his unshielded soul to us, he gives us something that has no qualifiers, something indecipherable… but that something already makes you his forever.

Information provided by Elvis. El Chico De Tupelo

Rosa Garcia Mora.



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Share your Love for Elvis Presley on Social Networks: