Mrs. Elsie Marmann, a music teacher at Humes School, recorded Elvis Presley singing “Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me” and “Old Shep” for her class in 1953.

Elvis Presley would later joke that he had an “F” (very poor) in music (!), but that he had a “C” (fair) with Mrs. Elsie.

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Evan “Buzzy” Forbess, one of Presley’s friends, recorded how nervous Elvis Presley was during the song fest.

“…he was shy,” commented Forbess,

“…but we loved hearing him sing.”

The reason Mrs. Marmann asked Elvis Presley to sing was because he often brought his guitar to school.

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Jane Lazenby, a student in music class, recorded that Elvis Presley would often walk the halls of Humes High School, his collar turned up and banging on his guitar.

Elvis Presley and his guitar they remained inseparable.

Source: Guitarman

Information provided by Elvis Shop Argentina 


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