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MEMPHIS, Tennessee.

Mrs. Mennie Person never expected to meet Elvis Presley, let alone end up on his gift list.

Ms. Person was surprised on Sunday at night when admiring a Cadillac custom built for Presley outside from a Cadillac dealer.

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Ms Person, 33, said she was “…still standing there with her jaw hanging open” but congratulated the singer in her car.

Elvis: “…do you like my car?

I’ll buy you one.

This is mine, but I’ll buy you another one.”

Person: “…he took me by the arm and led me back to the parking lot where I came from and told me to pick one.”

The car that Mrs. chosen person it was a gold and white model of USD 11,500 (USD 65,573.49 in 2022).

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Ms Person said that when Presley learned her birthday was on Tuesday, she handed her the car keys, wished her “…a happy birthday” and told an aide she had sent her a check for…

some clothes to match the car.”

The report dates the event to around 9:30 PM, July 27, 1975, just three days after completing a concert tour.

Source: For Elvis CD Collectors

Information provided by Elvis Shop Argentina

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