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In the spring of 1957, when Elvis was filming “Jailhouse Rock,” Elvis would take a hiatus on the set and would attend Frank Folsom’s birthday party.

RCA Victor executive Frank Folsom celebrated his birthday on May 18, 1957, and as a gift, Colonel Parker had an elaborate doghouse built in honor of RCA Victor’s mascot, the little dog Nipper.

Elvis on stage with Nipper

The doghouse had a sign attached to it: “The Dog House Frank Helped Build.”

Nipper (1884 -1895) was a dog from Bristol, England, who corresponded to him as a model for a painting by Francis Barraud entitled “His Master’s Voice”. This image was the basis for one of the world’s best-known trademarks, the famous dog with a gramophone, which was used by several record companies.

The presentation and party took place at the Beverly-Wilshire Hotel, in the heart of Beverly Hills, most likely on the afternoon of Saturday, May 18, 1957.

Elvis, the Colonel and his wife Marie Parker attended the party.

Also in attendance were personalities such as comedian Groucho Marx, Elvis’s cousins Gene and Junior Smith, Lamar Fike, George Klein and Tom Diskin, among others.

From left to right: Groucho Marx, Elvis Presley, Ken Murray, John L. Burns and Frank Folsom


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