Freddy Mercury and Elvis Presley


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Freddy Mercury and Elvis Presley
Freddy Mercury and Elvis Presley


The song that Freddie Mercury wrote in the bathroom and unites him with Elvis Presley.

There are intersections and inspirational relationships that fuel creations, ideas and catapult great successes.

Singers, actors, writers and artists know about these “gifts” and thank them with new ways of paying tribute to those who opened the door to their personal muses.

An interesting case is that between Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley, who, although the latter did not get to know either the music or the creative talent of the former, for the Queen vocalist, the figure of the “king”, whom deeply admired, he was instrumental in the composition of one of the group’s greatest hits.

This is “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, a song with a clear reference and tribute to Elvis Presley, written by Freddy Mercury in approximately 10 minutes while taking a bath.

It was in June 1979 when Queen traveled to Munich to record the album “The Game”.

Once at the hotel and in the room, Mercury decided to get into the bathtub.

While he was at it, a Rock-A-Billy melody suddenly came to mind. and the image of his youth idol: Elvis Presley.

He quickly ordered an acoustic guitar to start working on this idea.

His assistant brought him the instrument wrapped in a towel and the singer set about composing the new song in just 5 or 10 minutes, later recognizing that the guitar was not his strong point.

“...I couldn’t work with that many chords and because of that restriction I wrote a good song, I think,” Mercury told the publication Melody Maker.

It took less than an hour and became one of the biggest hits of “The Game”, an album that was the catapult for its commercial development.

But in addition to this musical route, another object united the musicians in terms of tastes: scarves.

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the “king of rock” and a Queen fan, upon learning of this special connection between Freddie and her father, decided to give the frontman one of those exclusive pieces worn by her father until the end of his days.


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