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By Rosa García Mora

The year was 1969 in Elvis’s life. After his glorious recording sessions at the American Sound Studios and his last blows in Hollywood, Elvis was already prepared, although still full of fears and accompanied by his ghosts, to face his audience again. He had planned a season in Las Vegas, which would last from July 31 to August 28.

Everything was ready for Elvis to make his long-awaited appearance on that day, July 31, 1969, at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, at a time in American history when Sin City was already ready to receive Elvis. Everything in Las Vegas had changed since he performed in 1956.

Elvis would say that it was the most exciting night of his life, although in reality, he was so afraid that he even told his friends and members of the Memphis Mafia that they should not attend the show that first night, but rather the next day. since I thought that after that night no one would want to go see him again.


But the reality was very different. Dressed in his two-piece black karate-style suit, with his hair dyed black, he took to that stage, before 2,200 people, like a real panther. Not even the eight years since his last appearance in public had changed his strength, his wild courage, his enormous attractiveness, his sexuality. This show, like all the others, broke all the canons established in Las Vegas and all audience records. His great stage presence, with superb vocal power, a good selection of songs, and with his electric and aggressive music running through his veins, soaked the ears and hearts of everyone present.

The Bobby Morris Orchestra, his new and impressive musicians, The Sweet Inspirations, the Imperials… Everything was ready for Elvis to make his appearance. The comedian Sammy Shore, who was in charge of presenting the show, saw that night the panic in Elvis’s eyes, he saw how when he let him onto the stage, Elvis was pale, haggard, absolutely paralyzed by stage fright. But 2,200 people were waiting to see the king, the legend, and Elvis threw himself on stage to give them everything they expected from him, all the best of himself, as if not a single minute had passed since that last day at the Bloch. Honolulu Arena, where Elvis had last set foot on stage.

Ladies and gentlemen, with all of you Elvis Presley!… the King has returned!

Article written and provided by Rosa García Mora

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