Elvis at Graceland 

On February 8, 1967, Elvis bought a 163-acre ranch in Mississippi, in the state of Tennessee for an amount of $437,000, which he named Circle G

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Elvis, his entourage, and their wives have become interested in riding horse after Elvis began to increase his time in this hobby and bought a horse for Priscilla as a gift. 

As the ranch needs repairs and improvements, Elvis will give free rein to his passion, spending large amounts of money buying trailers, tractors, pre-fabricated houses. Elvis and his friends, along with their respective partners, adopt a cowboy life. 

Graceland will also undergo modifications to the grounds attached to the mansion to adapt it to the new fans. Over the next few months, Elvis and his friends will be spending a lot of time at Circle G.

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In February 1967 RCA released Elvis’s second gospel album, “How Great Thou Art”, which was recorded in mid-1966 at Studio B in Nashville. The album gets very good reviews. It manages to reach number 18 on the Billboard charts, and sales clearly exceed those obtained in the latest soundtracks. Precisely and thanks to this release, Elvis will finally get his first Grammy for Best Gospel Album from the National Academy of Arts and Sciences

The Grammy Awards to date, perhaps, had always been very unfair to his, since none of his previous recordings (despite having nominations) had been awarded this award. 

This will be the first of his three Grammy Awards, all related to the gospel genre. Within the situation of his musical career, this award represents a breath of fresh air for Elvis.

Information provided by Club Elvis Spain

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