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Elvis Presley In Concert - Gravel Road

A memory of the last Elvis Presley TV show

Filmed in June 1977, “Elvis In Concert has divided fans of the legendary king of rock’n’roll for decades. A large group of Elvis supporters claim that the program, as historical material, should finally be officially made on DVD or Blu-Ray. Others, however, believe that out of respect for the singer and his family, this record should not be made public. Each side raises arguments with which it is impossible to disagree.
On the one hand, we face a dilemma, which is: “whether to publish and show the world the last film (professional record of his last concerts) shots of Elvis Presley?“. And in this case, from a historical point of view, the answer is YES.
On the other hand, it should be remembered that by officially implementing “Elvis In Concert” we take the risk of reminding the audience – not necessarily loyal fans – of Elvis in a much weaker form. Thus, we give food to the boulevard press and gossip media to spin more lying and slanderous lampoons about our idol (about the fall of a great star, about his drug addiction, drugs, etc.).
Should a CBS show be made on DVD or Blue Ray. I don’t know,” Francoise Verheughe, who saw Elvis “live” on the June tour, told me years ago. “I understand a bit of EPE. We played this show (‘Elvis In Concert’, author’s note) at a rally in Brussels in January 1978. By the end, everyone was in tears. Even me, who had seen him on stage six months earlier. The fans will understand that he was sick but the rest? It is said that he took drugs, ate a lot, drank a lot … They will not understand it. You know, a lot of people still only recognize the 1968 NBC show and Aloha From Hawaii…
Unofficially, it was said that in recent years, out of respect for her father and caring for his image, Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, did not agree to the release of “Elvis In Concert“.
For this reason, from time to time Presley fans received more or less successful bootleg editions of the aforementioned program. The next one has just been announced by Gravel Road.
This time it will be a set including a book, CDs, DVDs and a Blue-Ray disc.
Elvis Presley In Concert - Gravel Road

In a publication of one hundred and thirty-six pages, the authors collected all the possible facts about “Elvis In Concert“, interviews and also dispelled the myths about the program that have been circulating for years. “This book will help fans clarify and the media correct perceptions of Elvis’ recent concerts and final TV show,” reads the announcement.

The publication is illustrated with numerous photographs.
Presley’s June 1977 concerts in Omaha and Rapid City are available on DVD and Blue Ray discs. Based on the European version of the program, the publisher has created its special edition. Fan comments were cut from the original program and additional songs were inserted in their place.
The soundtrack from the program is included on the CD.
The whole thing will be released in a strictly limited edition and will be available only in fan clubs and selected retailers. “We hope this is a mass release idea that will justify Elvis in his later years,” the publisher said in a press release.
Info: ElvisMatters/Day By Day/Mariusz Ogieg?o of Elvis: Promised Land (www.elvispromisedland.pl)

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