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Elvis Presley and The Colonel Parker

While the scene where Presley fires Parker was very dramatic in the movie “Elvis“, things were very different in real life.

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Presley’s biographer, Alanna Nash, denies that the artist fired the Colonel in such a public way.

 “…no, he would never have done that,” Nash said, also denying that Presley ever suggested he was aware of Colonel Parker’s immigration problems.

“…I fully believed the Colonel’s story that Parker came from Huntington, West Virginia; Elvis died without knowing the truth. That was not known in this country until 1981.”

However, there was an incident where Elvis became enraged at both Colonel Parker and Barron Hilton, who Presley had a contract to perform with.

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Presley had reportedly visited the home of an employee whose wife was battling cancer, and Hilton retaliated by firing the employee because the contract prohibited hotel employees from having any contact with the artist, in this case, Presley. 

Elvis, furious at how Hilton had treated the employee, launched into a verbal tirade about Hilton from the stage, drawing the ire of Colonel Tom Parker.

Elvis and Parker argued late into the night over the matter, an argument that culminated in Presley being fired from his manager. 

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However, in the end, just like in the film, Presley realized that he could not afford to fire Colonel Parker and continued his association with him.

Source: / ElvisInfoNet

Information provided by Carlos R. Ares (Elvis Shop Argentina)

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