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What If RCA had released an LP album like our brandnew REEL TRAX release in November of 1966? 
We don ?t know for sure of course, but we assume that the view on Elvis ? career in the Sixties would probably be significantly different. But since this obviously did not happen the way we wish it had, Elvis is mainly being remembered in this decade as a celluloid artist. 
His last studio album that had nothing to do with “typical” movie songs had been ”Pot Luck” and it had been released way back in 1962. In the meantime the majority of Elvis ? album releases had clearly been dominated by his movie soundtracks (which showed in releases on singles and EP ?s as well – plus we all know that there would have to be that so-called “Lost Album” in ?63 which never had been realized ). 
It seemed to be a perfect formula to maximize financial success to release movie soundtrack after movie soundtrack. Even considering taking the risk to lose credibility as a performer who once was known as being a “rebel”, a man who changed just about everything in contemporary pop music business only 10 years earlier.
Lost Album – Missed opportunity?

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Tracks 1-12 were taken from REEL TRAX’s upcoming vinyl release “Come What May” (LSP-3718), which deals with the “lost album” for November 1966. 

All other songs used for this CD release, are primarily based on international 45rpm single releases from 1966. 
In the mid-’60s, it was time to reflect on Elvis’ musical career, and history tells us that this did not happen.

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But, there were opportunities to recapture some of that old magic from a couple of years earlier, and one such “opportunity” began in May of 1966 when Elvis returned to Studio B in Nashville for a two-album recording session. 

One of them would become a Grammy Award-winning album of Gospel music (as in 1960): “How Great Thou art”

Another might have been similar to this issue.

Disc 2 comprises fuller and partially spliced ??outtakes of the titles on Disc 1.


Disc 1:

01. Come What May (Take 2)

02. Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Take 2)

03. Love Letters (Take 7)

04. Fools Fall In Love (Take 4)

05. Beyond The Reef 

(Take 2 – Rejected Master)

06. Tell Me Why * (Master)

07. Down In The Alley (Take 1)

08. I’ll Remember You (Take 2)

09. All That I Am (Take 2)

10. God’s Gonna Cut ‘Em Down (Take 2) ****

11. Indescribably Blue (Take 1)

12. If Everyday Was Like Christmas (Take 2)

13. Joshua Fit The Battle (Take 1)

14. Blue River (Take 2)

15. Spinout (Take 2)

16. Known Only to Him (Take 2)

17. Milky White Way (Take 5)

18. Frankie And Johnny (Take 1)

19. Please Don’t Stop Loving Me 

(Take 3 – lower key)

20. Swing Down Sweet Chariot (Take 3)

21. How Would You Like To Be (Take 1)

22. Do Not Disturb ** (Take 27)

23. Spring Fever ** (Take 4)

24. This Is My Heaven *** (Take 3)

25. Drums Of The Islands *** (Take 5)

26. Paradise Hawaiian Style *** (Take 1)

27. House Of Sand *** (Take 3)

* Unreleased Stereo Version

** Released by RCA India on 45rpm

*** Released by RCA Phillippines on 45rpm

**** Run On

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Disc 2:

01. God’s Gonna Cut ‘Em Down 

(Take 1 & 6 – Spliced)

02. Come What May (Takes 3, 4)

03. Fools Fall In Love (Take 5 – Master)

04. Love Letters (Take 2)

05. Down In The Alley (Take 6)

06. Spinout (Takes 3-5 M)

07. Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Take 3 – Master)

08. Beyond The Reef (Take 1 & 2 – Undubbed)

09. I’ll Remember You (Take 1)

10. All That I Am (Take 4)

11. Joshua Fit The Battle (Take 2)

12. Swing Down, Sweet Chariot (Take 1)

13. Known Only To Him (Take 5)

14. Frankie And Johnny (Takes 4 & 6 M)

15. Milky White Way (Take 3)

16. Please Don’t Stop Loving Me (Take 7)

17. Do Not Disturb (Take 35)

18. Spring Fever (Take 21)

19. This Is My Heaven (Take 7)

20. Paradise Hawaiian Style 

(Take 1 & 4 – Spliced)

21. Indescribably Blue (Master – Take 2)

22. I’ll Remember You (Demo By Red West)

23. If Every Day Was Like Christmas 

(Demo By Red West)

24. Indescribably Blue (Demo By Red West)

25. Sleepless Nights Endless Days 

(Demo By Red West)


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