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Reference: 47-9731

Side A: Memories
Recorded: June 23, 1968, Western Recorders studios in Los Angeles, California
Author: Billy Strange & Scoot “Mac” Davis

Side B: Charro
Recorded: October 15 and November 25, 26 and 27, 1968, Samuel Goldwyn Studios in Hollywood, California
Author: Billy Strange & Scoot “Mac” Davis

Publication date: February 25, 1969


The two songs on this single were signed by the duo Billy Strange and Mac Davis.

On side A, one of the few musical novelties that Elvis presented in the NBC special, Memories. It was number 35 on the American charts. Elvis rescued her for his return to the stage in the summer of 1969 in Las Vegas.

Charro was the title of Elvis’s second-to-last fiction film, and was also the only song that could be heard by the singer in the film (opening credits). The master was taken from take five of the instrumental recording and a mix of takes five and nine of the vocal part. Although overdubs were later added on November 26 and 27, 1968. It did not enter the lists.

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